Project STRIDE - We expose and engage high school students in clinical research

2017 Project STRIDE Abstract Titles

Abigail Herrera: “Improvement of diabetes in patients failing maximal doses of                                        metformin plus A sulfonylurea”
Sarah KpeKpe: “Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome in Obese Children and                                Adolescents”
Ana Leon: “Environmental Risks in the Community”

Sarahi Macias: “A Contemporary Design to Deliver Obesity Services in South                                       L.A.”
Helen Mejia:  “Apoptosis and Autophagy in Breast Cancer”  

Alondra Mendez: “Effect of Nicotine and High fat on Breast Cancer Development”

Brian Mora-Solis: “Improper Disposal of Medications Harm the Environment”

Elizabeth Nunez: “The Role of Beta Estradiol in Triple Negative Breast Cancer”

Max Paredes: “TGF-beta Signal”

Karla Soto: “PREP and PEP Knowledge Among African American Men Who Have                         Sex with Men (MSM) in South Los Angeles”

Wencesalao Melissa: “Housing as a Public Health Issue”

Yahira Gonzalez: “Barriers in Health Care Access that Contribute to Health                                              Disparities”

Jasmine Williams: “HIV Treatment Adherence Interventions: A Systematic                                                Review of the Literature”